Discover the groundbreaking capabilities of Omega, our advanced power grid management software.
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Addressing Key Challenges

Overcome critical industry challenges with Omega suite

Our state-of-the-art Omega suite technology integrates with existing systems, empowering utilities and energy service companies to optimise power grids. With a strong focus on network capacity, renewable energy integration, and cost reduction, we revolutionise power grid management at any voltage level.

How do we do this?

Why is this important?

Consequences of Inefficiency

Costly Infrastructure Upgrades

Inefficient grid management leads to expensive reinforcements and infrastructure enhancements.

Energy Losses

Inadequate grid management results in wasteful energy losses during transmission and distribution.

Limited Renewable Integration

Inefficient systems hinder the full utilisation of renewable energy sources and impede sustainable energy adoption.

Key Benefits

Experience the key benefits of Omega suite for utilities

Defer Network Reinforcements

Omega helps utilities optimise asset utilisation by intelligently managing existing resources, delaying the need for costly network reinforcements.

Enhanced Network Availability

Omega offers better visibility and control over network assets, enabling utilities to prevent overloads and ensure higher network availability and reliability.

Seamless Integration

Omega prides itself on being technology-agnostic, enabling seamless integration with all vendors and technologies, and leveraging utilities API connections to ensure maximum compatibility.

Our Range of Products

Explore the diverse products within the Omega framework


Gain comprehensive insights into your network's performance with advanced features such as energy forecasting, CO2 projections, and renewables projections.

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Make informed decisions with predictive insights. Quantify DER impact, identify anomalies, and seamlessly integrate real-time changes within  Clone.

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Minimise costs and maximise efficiency through congestion management, voltage optimisation, and flexible resource utilisation.

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Achieve unparalleled control over your power grid with features like island re-synchronisation, coordinated voltage and frequency control, and wide area monitoring at any voltage level.

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